The overall MAS4AI concept and methodology is based on a number of ready to use and emerging technologies in the area of industrial AI and Industry 4.0 as well the intelligent integration of technologies. AI core techniques based on:

  • Symbolic modelling

  • Machine learning

  • Combination of AI methods

will be enhanced and applied as software services for modular production, which will be integrated into diverse aggregation levels of factory automation.


The proposed system architecture combines these experiences and patterns into recommended actions.

  • Control logic decentralization – enables the modularization of production and shortens the reconfiguration time for new products.

  • Integrated networks – using common language for machine-to-machine communication.

  • Clear specification of interfaces – to realize the Plug&Produce concept and the future development of smart factories.

The holistic system architecture and the communication backbone are the basis for integrating digital services into the smart factory on different aggregation levels. Especially, it provides an infrastructure for deploying scalable and elastic industrial AI services on diverse hierarchical abstraction levels. Capabilities for modular and reconfigurable production services are transferred immediately to the industrial AI technologies defining architectural and communication elements.

Our Coordination Team

Dr.-Ing. Achim WagnerCoordinator
Deputy Head of Department of Innovative Factory Systems
Dr. Andrey GirenkoProject Manager
R&D Administrator of DFKI

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