Baltik Vairas is the largest bikes OEM (original equipment manufacturer) in Central Eastern Europe with 70 years of manufacturing experience. The Company is a long-term partner in providing manufacturing services for e-bikes and regular bikes. Baltik Vairas currently has 515 employees and produces more than 300 000 pcs. bikes per year. Main production processes are composed of metal frame preparation and painting, wheels and bikes assembly. Baltik Vairas is not a typical mass production factory, because company offers production services of small orders quantity’s and different SKU’s. Company`s long term goal is to achieve similar efficiency and costs of small customized orders comparable to mass production product.


Main Tasks in MAS4AI

JSC Baltik Vairas in this project is an industrial case provider. Main target is to use three AI agents responsible for their own production department planning and control. Input data will be historical data and real time data analysis from production floor. AI agent should be capable of making real time planning and coordinating it`sactions with other AI agents. AI agents should operate as pluggable components in currently used production  management system (service provider/subcontractor).