TNO is one of the major contract research organisations in Europe. With a staff of approximately 3000 and an annual turnover of 580 million Euros, TNO is carrying out research to achieve impact on the following nine themes: Healthy Living, Industry, Traffic and Transport, Energy, Buildings Infrastructure and Maritime, Information and Communication Technology, Circular Economy and Environment, Strategic Analysis and Policy and Defence, Safety and Security. TNO functions as an intermediary between basic research organisations and industry. By translating scientific knowledge into practical applications, TNO contributes to the innovation capacity of businesses and government. TNO is involved in many international projects (about 30% of the market turnover), including EU-funded collaborations. TNO is actively involved in technology development together with (SME) companies. Cross fertilisation over domains, geographical regions as well as involving complete value chains. TNO Industry is a key player in the Dutch Smart Industry initiative and fostering several digital innovation hubs, DIHs. TNO is an active member of the European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA).


Main Tasks in MAS4AI

TNO is leading the development of the Knowledge Representation Model. It will be also involved in development of the adaptive operator support system, integration of the VDL use case and standardization activities.