VDL Industrial Modules is a subsidiary within the industrial conglomerate VDL Group. VDL Groep consists of 100 companies with over 17.000 employees worldwide. The company has an annual turnover of 6 billion EUR (2018). VDL Industrial Modules is a company that is specialized in development and production of modules and systems for OEM’s. VDL Industrial Modules offers in-house research & development and application expertise in the field of “weighing, cooling/heating, positioning and design of frames and covering” for small to medium series production. The components manufactured in VDLIM are typically assemblies of a multitude of components different in materials and nature. System integration and assembly of mechanical, electronic and pneumatic modules is one of the core-competences of VDL Industrial Modules. The complexity of modules produced by VDLIM vary in technology, logistic concept of level of unicity or diversity. VDL Industrial Modules involves five assembly-areas for specialized building and testing modules and systems, namely Mechatronics assembly, Mechanics assembly, Electronics assembly, Micro assembly, Cleanroom assembly. VDL Industrial Modules has the ambition to be a premium sub-contractor in the field of module- and system supply. VDL Industrial Modules wants to be recognised as a solid partner for development and production of premium modules and systems. VDL Industrial Modules is focussed to deliver its services to (OEM’s) in various market segments. Organisation and Innovation are two driving forces that distinguish VDL Industrial Modules in the market. Both in the in-house production facilities as well as in the supply chain VDL continuously is looking for new production methods, materials, processes and techniques in order to produce faster, better and cheaper.


Main Tasks in MAS4AI

In the MAS4AI project, VDL Industrial Modules will be in charge of applying a demonstrator that will involve a multistage production process, which currently is performed in several production stations. Complex production techniques, many human interactions and a highly active warehouse ensure a perfect playing field. Advantages of MAS4AI will emerge quickly and clearly and the various partners can immediately coordinate theory and practice on the spot.