A Targeted Approach

MAS4AI aims at developing and testing a distributed and  interoperable AI architecture based on multi-agents technology in such a way that it contributes to hyper-agility of European factories though modular and flexible production while at the same time keeps the humans in control of the AI technology and creating impact by spreading the technology over large groups of European manufacturing companies.

  • Multi-Agent-System – for distributing AI components in different hierarchy layers

  • AI agents – using Knowledge-based Representation with Semantic Web Technologies

  • AI Agents for hierarchical planning of production processes

  • ML agents – using model-based machine learning techniques

The solutions will be tested and validated upon a modular testbed pilot line and five industrially relevant large scale pilot cases.

Our approach

Current state of play

Currently in the MAS4AI project, effort is given in the following point:

  • AI agents
  • Knowledge based systems
  • Digital Twin
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 A multidisciplinary approach that involves activities which range from design, development of solutions when needed all the way to the pilot implementation and demonstration of the innovation action results.


 MAS4AI tackles the challenge of agile autonomous production in order to leverage industrial AI core technologies for an efficient deployment into intelligent flexible modular production systems.


AI technologies for autonomous production while mitigating human risk with semantic features and awareness on operator’s capabilities.


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MAS4AI involves 17 partners from 7 countries:

Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, Lithuania, Poland and The Netherlands

Project Partners

The consortium members have been strategically selected so as complement
each other and cover the whole value chain; from development, piloting, first market replication, to commercial exploitation after the end of the project.

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We are a multi-disciplinary consortium committed to develop a multi-agent based artificial intelligence solution for autonomous modular production

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