Semaku is an IT provider that can guide you on your journey of developing your content strategy, from the definition of your needs to the implementation and deployment of a modern and cost-effective solution. With a staff of 5 employees and an external network of 5 to 10 colleagues who are supporting our projects we fulfil our commitments towards our multinational and governmental customers. Our services consist of: 1.) Custom application development. Flexible and scalable applications using (semantic) web technologies. 2.) Content & publication management. Content syndication tools and processes using best of breed technologies. 3.) Data Science & Data Integration. Source systems and data hub integration using big data and linked data technologies. 4.) Project Support fulfilling roles like project, program management, product owner, SCRUM master, Information manager, etc.


Main Tasks in MAS4AI

Semaku will provide the implementation of the semantic knowledge representation model developed by TNO. In other words, Semaku will provide an interface between the AI agents using the use-case specific knowledge representation and the data stored in the databases/IT systems (e.g. ERP) of individual use cases.
Semaku will take care of the automatic generation of the instruction files for the operator support system (I need to discuss that with my colleague tomorrow.